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Built Points:

  • SHD WALLPAPER (LINE UP) Almost every wallpaper on the market can’t be matched well with each other, but our removable wallpaper can be lined up easily and looks perfectly, you don’t need to waste lots of time on matching them. Save your time effectively and turns out great!
  • SHD WALLPAPER (THICKER) Thicker than other wallpaper on the market. Other wallpapers on the market are thin, so they’re tear easily. This removable wallpaper is designed by ourselves, after many experiments, we chose the current thickness, which not only avoids the problem of being too thin and easy to tear, but also avoiding the problem of too thick and difficult to fit the surface.
  • SHD WALLPAPER (SIZE AND FEATURES) The Size is 1.06m x 16.6m, one roll can cover 17.5 sq m. Just apply the glue directly on the wall, lay the stripes one next to another, press and that's it! Even if it's the first time mounting a non-woven wallpaper, there's no need to be afraid of failing, no matter you are a home owner or renter, it's very kind for you.
  • SHD WALLPAPER (USAGE) Our removable wallpaper can be used on any smooth and flat surface, such as wall, cabinet, desk, table, book shelf, bookcase, dresser, drawer, refrigerator etc. Beige and Bluecolor pattern looks modern and natural. Multiple uses to provide you with multiple ideas!
  • SHD WALLPAPER (ABOUT US) We stand by our products, no matter you met any problem when you receive it or during use, please let me know directly, we'll try best to solve it as soon as possible to give you a satisfactory solution.