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Why Choose Sobytek?

As we never compromise on quality, we aim to never bargain on the quality on the environment as well. Our products are certified for low chemical emission, providing you with clean and green products. Have a look at it from your sight!

About us

Importing the finest products, we provide original SHD Shinhan wallpapers all the way from South Korea. Whether you are looking for a simple office backdrop, or an aesthetic look for your lounge, we have it all.

Sobytek wallpaper aims to enhance your interior with quality, flexibility, and most importantly beauty! Our products include easy-to-use non-woven and vinyl wallpapers, which are fixed with adhesives available in both, liquid and powder form. These wallpapers are washable and last longer than your average ones, making your indoor vicinity look fresh and clean all the time. Free of harmful chemicals, vinyl wallpapers don’t release any dangerous fumes, hence protecting your interior air quality.

Since we strive to deliver the best quality with flexibility, we are always here to satisfy our customer’s expectations within their budget. Hence, if you’re a newbie at decorating, we are open to guide you and also return your excess purchase.

Our different collections and categories range from artistic colorful flower wallpapers to ambiguous patterns all available under one link. So, let your creativity sink in and bring your imagination to life. With Sobytek wallpaper, personalize your indoor spaces and create the extraordinary!